Some of the students have been helping around the school to keep it clean her are some tips for you to help:

1. Lilianna – last week our school needed some love and care as there was lots of rubbish in our yard. We decided to pick it all up to keep our school clean. We wanted to share this with you, hoping we can all remember to put our rubbish in the bin.

2. Meeka – please make sure the lids are closed on the bins so that on windy days the wind doesn’t blow it away on to the ground.

3. Mya – please respect our environment as all the rubbish on the ground ends up in our oceans. If you see rubbish on the ground, please put it in the bin.

4. Amity – all our marine life then eats the plastic and the rubbish which can hurt or even kill them. We need to help them by looking after their home.

5. Felicity – we are a resource smart school and we are working towards reducing waste, energy and water. Please remember our school is a nude food school everyday.

6. Grace – please let’s all work together to help Seaford Park Primary School be a rubbish free school, compost our fruit waste and look after our environment. Thank you.