On Friday 27th July our football team went to Kananook Primary School to compete against them in a football game. The first quarter started off with a good start. Everyone played fairly and Dakota kicked our first goal and then not long after Thomas kicked our first point and our second goal. In the second quarter Ethan and Steven kicked one point and Zac kicked one point. In the third quarter Thomas kicked his second goal and his second point. Danny and Zac kicked their first goals. In the final quarter Lachlan kicked his first goal and Danny kicked one point. Overall we did win and everyone played extremely well. Score was 53 to 42.




On Friday 27th July our T-Ball team went to Kananook Primary School to play them in a game of T-Ball. When we arrived we had to put down our bags and sit down with Kananook’s team to go over the rules. We then got started. Our team fielded first. We then swapped over and it was our turn to bat. We had played really well but Kananook won. The score was 15-8. Even though we lost we still had fun and there was really great sportsmanship. Well done to Seaford Parks T-Ball Team.