Earlier this term our new Seaford Park Waste Warriors were announced for 2017/2018. The job of those selected is to help our school with its commitment to the war on waste. This includes rubbish reduction and minimising water usage and wasting electricity. It was wonderful to see the proud faces when I announced those student’s names.

This week in the vegetable garden the Waste Warriors helped me to harvest the leeks and chives we had growing as well doing some much needed weeding and watering.





Nude Food


Thank you to the students and families who support this initiative on a daily basis. I know I have certainly noticed a reduction in waste in bins and around the school.






Fruit can be given to your child in a multitude of ways, including:


• Whole pieces, such as apple, mandarin, kiwi fruit, grapes, berries, nectarine and banana


• Chopped pieces frozen overnight


• Dried fruit, such as a small container of sultanas, dried apple, apricots or raisins


• Tinned fruit in natural juice; decanted into a small reusable container of course ☺


• Fruit Kebabs - combine any of the chopped fruits on a wooden skewer or tooth pick:


Banana, Apple, Watermelon, Grapes, Kiwi Fruit, Rockmelon, Peaches, Nectarines, Pears


& Mandarin




Combine any of the below foods on a wooden skewer, or tooth pick: Pineapple pieces,


Sliced meat: ham, chicken, salami, Cheese cubes, Cherry tomatoes, Basil Leaves




Natural yoghurt, flavoured yoghurt and greek yoghurt are great options to buy in bulk and


decant into smaller containers for snacks. Sprinkle over the top with some chopped fruit or seeds to add additional health benefits.




Nicky Cowling      Resource Smart Co-ordinator