On the 17th of May Tegan, Alesia and Tahlia went to Rickets Point. We went to learn how much rubbish is there in this world and all the effects from it.


Firstly we waited for Mandy to get ready for our day. She divided all the kids into three groups. We were in group number two, and there were three activities called rubbish picking, rock pool exploring, and using binoculars for dolphin fin seeking and microscopic seeking.


Every ones first activity was the rock pool. We were allowed to split up and look for stuff in the little rock pools. If you wanted to find a crab it was most likely to pick up a small rock and then you would find a little crab. We found a crab and our group leader told us how to pick it up safely. You have to pick it up from the back and then scoop it gently on your hand. It was quite tricky to walk sometimes on the rock pools because there was algae on the rocks and it was very slippery to walk.


After that we split up into our normal groups. Our first activity was the microscopic seeking. The man in that group gave us a bucket and filled it with seaweed and the water at the beach. We had a little torch and a little microscope also a professional microscopic micro scope. We thought that we would not find anything but we surprisingly found a little baby sea horse. We also found little sea worms and a sea urchin. I put the sea urchin under the microscopic microscope and it started to float up and get out of its little tiny house.


Next group was the rubbish picking. The challenge was what group could get the most rubbish. We were second to do that so most of the rubbish was already picked up by the group before us. We went into a little bush and we found a huge amount of rubbish stuck in that dead and spiky bush. We found heaps of cigarette buds.


Our Last group was the binocular seeking and the dolphin fin hunting. We got these huge binoculars and looked out of a gigantic window. We found two swans just floating and relaxing in the water. The lady told us to find fins so we could find a dolphin but no one in our group found any fins. There was still another activity there. We got five pictures of different dolphins and there were pictures on the wall of different fins. We had to match them to the pictures we had. We succeeded in that and we got then all right.


It was such a good experience, but also very shocking of how much rubbish every one found in that small place and amount of time. Please could every one take care of the world and bin your rubbish, but bin it in the right rubbish bin!