2018 CAMP

When we arrived at School we went to Mr Hoppen to get our names ticked off, then if you had any medication you would have given it to Ms Braakhuis, and gave our pocket money to

Mr Triplow. After everyone was at school we hopped on the bus. We drove for about an hour and fifteen minutes before we stopped at a park and ate our snack. After another hour and a bit we arrived at Ballarat.



Whilst on the bus trip we stopped at a cool park to have lunch. After that we walked over to the POW memorial. It showed all of the Australians who have been prisoners of war, in all of the different wars.



Once we finished the Prisoners of War Memorial we headed over to the Prime Ministers Avenue. We received our new camp booklet and a pencil, on the back there were pictures of Prime Ministers.  We had to match the pictures to their busts, which of course meant people got confused between the similarities of the busts.



When we arrived at camp we hopped off the bus and waited for our bags to be unloaded. We headed inside to organise the rooms. I was in room 27 with Soraya, Gabby, Tori-Lee and Dakota. Next door was room 26 and 25, and downstairs the boys had rooms 32 and 33.



After unpacking our belongings we were given time to explore Sovereign Hill in groups. Activities to visit included gold panning and bowling. You could also see what you wanted to spend your pocket money on. Unfortunately Archie had his gold stolen from another kid from another camp. At the end every group gathered at the musket firing range to see an Enfield musket be fired.



On the first day of camp we had dinner at the New York Bakery. The dinner on the first night was fish and chips with salad, and Taimana had the vegan dinner.  The desert was custard.  On Thursday for dinner we had pasta, chips and salad, and chocolate mousse for desert.



We went to a performance after dinner, it went for two hours.  The first performance was about a miner who was caught by police at the Eureka Stockade.  The man kept walking out when the show was not started, so we all kept quiet. After than show there was one about Little Red Riding Hood and Robin Hood. They kept on playing different things without the other one knowing. The characters names were Benjamin, Timothy, Marie and another girl we can’t name. The performances were really fun. After that we had supper with ginger bread and chocolate milk. We went to our cabins and had a play in the common room, then went to bed.







When we woke up from a knock on our doors we got up, and got decently dressed for breakfast. We had breakfast at the Sovereign Hill Cafe.  We had toast and cereal, and a juice box. When we were all done we went back to the rooms for the room inspections and to get ready for the day.




We went to the costume room, where we met our new teacher, and we got changed into our costumes. Girls had to wear a dress with pants, and an apron over our dress.  We wore a coat as it was cold. The boys had to wear knickerbockers, miner’s shirts, neckerchiefs, coat and caps.



After getting dressed we went to see our school. I sat in the back row with Taimana, Oakley, and Archie. Shortly after that we started doing hand writing on chalkboards. When we finished with the chalk we continued with lead pencil.



At St Peter’s school we had to do our handwriting activity. We had to learn how to write letters like the olden days. After we practiced we were allowed to use nib pens.



Near the end of the school day the girls did some sewing. The monitors handed out a cloth sheet, a needle, and a piece of thread. Ma’am said it would help us girls later on in life for sewing clothes back together. On the cloth there were little crosses that we had to sew over to make a letter.



At St Peter’s the boys had to do technical drawing while the girls did sewing. Ma’am said it would be useful if we were a carpet designer or a builder.  We did horizontal and vertical lines.



Recess was very different.  We had olden toys to play with at recess. Archie and I took the boxes of toys outside and put them down on the ground. We played quoits, Bilbo catchers, hoops, and marbles. We all ate cookies for recess.



After school Mr Triplow gave us our pocket money, then we all went off to spend it.  Most of us bought candy.  My favourite is the raspberry drops. Some people went on the giant tower above the mine and waved to people below.



When we got to the gold mining tour the man took us to a huge carriage that went really far down.  We only went sixty feet down, but the furthest part of the mine was 11,000 feet down.  We went to the level that was closest to the surface so that it was safer for us. When we got in it was very dark and the man gave us a tour of the mine.  Then we watched a little film of two guys coming from China to mine for gold.  After that he showed us a place where there was a bunch of gold stuck on the rocks.



In the middle of class on Friday an old grumpy man came in and disrupted our class. He was the Vicar! It was his daughters sixteenth birthday so we had to do our sixteen times tables for him.  He awarded Alysia and Grace for their good behaviour, and although Sam was on the good list he thought that Sam’s parents were drunk when they named him.  The Vicar was very funny with Danny, Charntae and Cohen, because they were on the bad list. He tried to act mad, and it didn’t work.  He also frowned and said he was in a good mood, and everyone laughed. Our poor teacher nearly got sacked.




After the Vicar left Mrs Rosestone made a little speech.  Then Mr Hoppen said who he chose for his employee.  Mr Hoppen chose Charntae and Mr Triplow chose Sam. Soon Mrs Rosestone handed out pencils to two boys and two girls. Taimana, Tegan, Cohen and Caden were chosen as apprentices. Finally Huey received a gold plate for improving his writing on a slant.



After the mine tour we walked to the Smelting House and Sir told and showed us how to smelt gold. The furnace was running at about 1500 degrees Celsius to smelt the gold. He said that it was all about timing, because if you leave it too long it will go dull and you need to start again.  If you get the timing right you will have to pour the smelting hot gold into a mould shaped like an ingot, and wait three minutes for the gold to go hard. Then tip the pan into cold water, wait for a minute for the gold to cool.  He then had three kilograms of gold. Our time ended quickly and we walked back to St Peters.



On the trip home we didn’t have any stops, which was good because most people were tired. We saw a lot of interesting buildings as we went through the city. The bus was very comfortable because there were leather seats on it.