On the sixteenth of November four lucky people went to Southland to the Apple store. The people were Jolie, Tayla, Danny and me. First we went on this small bus and then we picked up Natalia from Aldercourt Primary School and then we picked up Atomic and Lilly from Mahogany Rise. When we got there we were introduced to this man called Mr Russo. First we got to have free time to play on the play station or on the iPad. Then we were doing coding. It was a lot of fun. Our task was to move this little monster and we basically had to fix the puzzle. Later we had to get in a group of two. I was with Danny and there was this little robot and we had to try to make it move in a square and then we finished. We took a nice photo in front of the Apple store logo and it was very funny and silly. For our treat we got to have MacDonald’s it was so yum we got to have a burger and chips it was so yum. That was the end of your journey. Thank you to Mrs Reid for going with us. Alesia


On the 16th of November Jolie, Danny, Alesia and I went to Southland Apple store. On the way there I sat next to Jolie on the bus and we all played sweet and sour which was really funny. When we got there we got our awesome Apple t-shirts on and played this app called Swift Playground. This app has puzzles that you have to code to make the little alien collect the gem. Later we programed a robot to change colour and move around it was a bit tricky but it looked so cool when it was finished. Later on Mr Russo kindly got us some McDonalds which was delicious. While we were leaving we got lost but eventually we found our way and got to the bus and hopped in I sat next to Jolie again. I had so much fun and hopefully I can have this opportunity again.   Tayla


On the 16/11/2017 Danny, Alesia, Tayla and Jolie went to the Apple store in Southland we left school at 9:10 am and got there at about 10:15. When we got there we went to the Apple store and met up with people from Mahogany Rise and Aldercourt primary school. Their names were Ethan, Lily and Natalia. We played on ipads. We played this game where we had to make codes and we also played with little robots then we went home. After that we had MacDonald’s and went to the bus and came back to school.    Danny