We have had numerous incidents of lice throughout the school particularly in the younger classes. Please let the office know if your child has lice and you have treated it. This information is confidential. The whole class will receive a letter notifying you of the presence of lice and advice to check and treat (if required) your child. Please note that reasons for head lice treatment failure may include:

  • Inadequate application of product – treatment instructions need to be followed completely

  • Lice are resistant to the chemical used – try a different product

  • Failure to re treat the hair – repeat treatment in 7 days

  • Reinfestation

Head lice treatments can be expensive- especially if they don’t work!

Try cheap hair conditioner applied thickly to dry hair.

Use a steel head lice comb to remove lice and eggs. Repeat every 2/3 days until there is no evidence of head lice. This is a cheap head lice treatment and not harmful to children – just time consuming!

Remember – weekly head lice checks are recommended to keep Seaford Park lice free!