International Footy Day

On Wednesday the 9th August our Year 3 to 6 students were invited to watch an International AFL game at St.Kilda Football Club.  It was an amazing experience for our students to watch New Zealand play Fiji.

Seaford Park would like to say a huge thank you to St.Kilda for inviting us and spoiling the students with giveaways.  We would also like to thank the Angels and Social club for providing the students with a sausage sizzle lunch.

There were so many highlights, but the three that stood out were:

*22 students having the chance to represent Sefaord Park during the half time game.

*The New Zealand Team coming over to say hello and have a photo with us at the end of the game.

*Meeting some of the Fijian players parents and talking to them aobut how the team was formed.  Our students were amazed to find out that AFL was only introduced to the Fijian players in 2009.  It just goes to prove that if you can dream it, you can do it!

What an exciting day!

Kylie Witte (Physical Education Teacher)


International Footy Day by Jack


Yesterday (9th August) the Year 3 to 6 children from Seaford Park and some children from Belvedere Park went to St Kilda FC to watch an AFL International match between Fiji and New Zealand. Seaford Park and Belvedere Park played the half time match.


First Fiji and New Zealand sang their national anthems and they followed it by performing the Haka. It was very loud and intimidating. Then the first quarter started. New Zealand kicked the first goal and looked like the better side. After the first quarter ended I got a free sausage in bread and got ready for our half-time match. The second quarter started and New Zealand already had a number of goals to Fiji’s nothing. After the second quarter ended it was our time to play. I was feeling a bit nervous and excited to play on the St Kilda ground. I was playing full back against Griffen from Belvedere Park. We were well matched and both teams played fairly. Suddenly it was the fourth quarter and as I predicted New Zealand proved the better side. Finally when it was over New Zealand came over to shake our hands and gave us all a backpack.


It was good fun to watch and play.


International AFL Day by Alesia


At first we put our footy shirt on. My number was 9. Then we walked over to Linen House and saw the Fiji players running across for their warm up. When we got there, we were waiting for the international game to start and suddenly it started. I was kind of scared because they started tackling each other. I soon cheered up and was happy because we could get a sausage. I ran over to the stand and asked for one with onion. Then, out of nowhere we had to go out on the field. I was a bit nervous but soon overcame it. Afterwards the New Zealanders came to take our picture and gave us a backpack.