Last Monday 2/3A presented a number of items at Assembly. They presented their Class Vision (shared with 1/2A) and shared Expected and Unexpected Behaviours. It was great to see such confidence displayed in front of the whole school.


Our Classroom Expectations


We, the students in 1/2A and 2/3A respect each other, our belongings and our environment.

We are responsible for our own choices, our behaviour and our learning.

We come to school every day ready to learn and always
do our best.

We show kindness, support each other and have fun.


2/3A also visited the new school and discovered lots of new things. Here are some of their Look, Think, Wonder reflections.

‘Last week our class had a tour of the new school building. We reflected on things we Saw, Thought and Wondered.’


Tabitha – “We Saw: Lots of cupboards, hot and cold taps in the staff room, and a new front office.”


Zade – “We think: the TV at the front office is for entertainment.


Riley: I think there might be a secret room that we don’t know about.
I also think we will share rooms.


Hannah: And we wonder what the little holes on the roof are for and what the little window is for.